Women on Mission

Joyce Lanier

Our Women on Mission (aka Women's Missionary Union) meets the first Sunday of each month at 5:00 PM. This group has many different mission opportunities which it pursues throughout the year. The following are sme of the activities these ladies do.

February - Candy bags are passed out on or around Valentines Day with the hopes the members will take the bags and pass them on to someone else and share Christ's love in the process.

April - Bible give-away. The WMU invites church members to hand out Bibles on the Saturday before Easter. The Word of God never returns void and we never know who will be impacted by receiving a free Bible.

May - Money is collected for the Refuge Pregnancy Center.

October - The ladies head up passing out candy to those who drive by with the intent to show how sweet it is to be a Christian.

November - Free Bread for Thanksgiving! - Free loaves of bread are given out to show Jesus is the Bread of Life.

The ladies do many more activities throughout the air. They would love for you to join them as the reach out to Somerset through these ministry opportunities.

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